Baby Leo was born!

I stopped posting to this blog – it didn’t seem important, and seemed rather egotistical.
Now baby Leo is 19 days old, and changing fast, i realise i’m starting to forget how he recently was. Here i can ensure i remember.

Leo was born at 18.25 on Sunday 1 August. Claire’s waters broke at 11.00, again while i was eating breakfast! We didn’t know that a pinkish tinge was normal; but the hospital told us to come in. We thought they’d send us home again, so didn’t get too worried about it. Claire didn’t feel any contractions, so we were quite blase about it.
They put Claire on a monitor in the general ward, and labour started about 13.00. As her contractions peaked, so the baby’s heart rate dropped. Claire had to stay on the monitor, and they started to prepare a room. It was around now they said we wouldn’t be going home without a baby – this was it!
I started to get nervous at this point – and also a bit helpless. There wasn’t much i could do to help claire – and we didn’t have any of the stuff we’d prepared so carefully. Since this couldn’t possibly be it, we hadn’t bothered to lug it all upstairs. I supplied water and the fan – 30 degree heat didn’t help.
She went through transition on the ward – when in the birthing room she was 9cm dilated. The heart rate was still dropping at the contractions – so she had to stay monitored. She was valiantly pushing, but the baby was being pulled back in at the end of each push.
Eventually a Doctor decided intervention might be neccesary. I forced him to define his euphemism – he meant Ventouse which wasn’t so scary.
Claire had to go into stirrups, and was told that she could do it, but if the baby wasn’t out in ten minutes they’d have to help. The stirrups must have helped – two almightly pushes later and little squft slithered out. I saw it emerge and i can honestly say it was awe-inspiring.
This new baby cried quickly, and so they wrapped it and put it straight onto Claire. She was blissed out, i was amazed and shocked.
-What is it? she asked me
-What is it? i asked the midwife
-Have a look
So i peeked under the towel.
-Bloody hell! It’s a boy, Claire.
Balls the size of grapes. And the whole baby not much bigger than a bunch of grapes.
‘It’ was suddenly a ‘he’ – and weirdly the concept of having a girl was gone – it just disappeared. I felt proud, nervous, overwhelmed – mostly overflowing with love, tenderness and respect for Claire. I could see how painful it had been and what hard work it was, yet she managed to do it all with Entonox and the TENS machine (though we don’t think that did much.)
Then they put him on me. I took of my shirt and this hot, bloody little monkey was placed on my chest. I didn’t really understand how i felt – i was just in shock. I remember feeling pleased that Claire was OK.
Then Claire decided to have a shower – and promptly fainted. I put the baby on the bed to go to her. I didn’t really think about it – my instincts were all to protect her. She came round instantly but wanted to stay on the floor (-It’s nice and cold down here).
When she came round we talked about names. Only Leo Oliver was really considered. So our Lion of Peace was named.


One thought on “Baby Leo was born!”

  1. just noticed (just over a year later!) i didn’t actually put his details!
    3.91kg (8 pounds 10 oz)
    53cm long
    37cm head circ

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