4 August – First trip out

He was asleep and recently-fed; we were going stir crazy. The (fabulous) community midwives had said that walking would help Claire’s recovery. So we went out for lunch…

It was really scary. Something as simple as getting him into the buggy, or navigating a step in the pavement (never mind the fear of crossing roads) became a herculean task.
When we got to the Cafe, we’d not been there 10 minutes when three of the midwives stopped by for lunch! Safe hands indeed.
We took a photo, sent round to Claire’s work. Only when one of them commented did we notice – Claire was going through engorgement, and her bosom was enormous.
When we got back we were exhausted, but felt like we’d climbed Everest. Only later did we discover no-one else tried to go out for at least a week – some people told us they taken their newborn out for the first time after 4 weeks. Seems odd to me, but maybe we’re the strange ones!


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