Bringing my babes back home

They’d wanted to monitor Claire after the faint, so we didn’t leave the hospital until about 8pm on the 2nd. Strapped into the car seat – like a lone melon lost in a shopping basket – we carried him out.

Scary as hell is how i’d describe it. Claire was still on her hormonal rollercoaster, which took quite a dip as we got to the car park. Suddenly the world wasn’t safe – it was dark and stank of petrol. It also contained people who hadn’t had babies and didn’t look after them professionally. Again, I was more worried about logistics – strapped in, on the way – than feelings about my new son.
We got home and here’s where it gets fuzzy. A few days passed in a blur. While Claire did one of [fed Leo, fed herself, slept, talked to family and friends] i did one of [fed Claire, changed him, cooked/cleaned/washed, slept, talked to family and friends].


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