7 August – my birthday

He’s six days old, and i turn 31. It’s very weird, but i had never thought about what a birthday actually meant. It’s obvious now, but i couldn’t see before that it would be a day for my parents to celebrate, as much as ( if not more than) for me to enjoy. I hadn’t really connected my celebration of a day called ‘birthday’ with the fact that my mum gave birth to me on that date in 1973. Also very strange now to think how i had never understood what it means to be a parent – the strength of the feelings, the confusion, the mystery and joy of it all. And the feelings of a long future ahead – with no idea what it might contain.

Adam and Bev came down from Preston. They arrived about lunchtime (after i had opened some presents including one from Leo – Claire had been busy during her maternity leave!).
Adam was very pleased to see him. I think he was surprised by his own feelings about Leo’s arrival – and it was very nice to see him holding the nipper.
It had been lovely, on the 6th, to see Jenny with Leo but it wasn’t as much of a surprise that she was so pleased – I always thought she’d be pleased, and become a great auntie, what with all the babies she looks after for friends!
Claire gave me a few hours off to go to the pub – we walked to the Fox and we spoke of little else but the little one. The guest ale was ‘Golden’ from Swindon – and the logo on the tap was a big-maned lion! Clearly it had to be sampled.
When we got back we had Champagne in the garden. I ended up quite tipsy, which felt quite odd being responsible for Leo, but Claire was fully in control – as she always has been in fact, regardless of how she thinks she’s doing.
I never managed to speak to Mum and Dad – they were at Linda’s 30th anniversary party. Odd to think that i had been page boy for them in 1974, in my very dodgy yellow frilly shirt and only just walking!
I ended up getting panicky about where they were – mobiles not answering. They were asleep out of range of course, but dad called me after i sent a text. Had i not been up with Claire’s breastfeeding i probably wouldn’t have done. An odd end to an odd day.


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