Week 3 – developing a real personality

I’m back up to date with the blog now, at the end of week three. He is now very long, and has a real personality. He’s fussy about his comfort, and often has a bizzarely suspicious look in his eye.
He doesn’t like being suddenly moved into a car seat or buggy, but once in them he’s fine.
At other times he is calm and quiet as a lamb. He doesn’t seem to mind being picked up or held by all manner of different people, for instance.

He spends more eye-to-eye time with claire because of the feeding, so she gets to see more of his odd faces. He has a fleeting Harrison Ford smile, and will often look at people suspiciously askance like a film noir private eye. He gives the impression that he knows everything, but considers it beneath his consideration. Extreme disdain is common.
Now, Claire and I may be projecting all this. So are we haughty and disdainful? Maybe sometimes. When he’s old enough to smile we’ll see how cheerful he is, and whether he’s sunny like his mum or changeable like his dad.


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