Scary trip to the hospital

In retrospect, it was unnecessary, but we didn’t know that. Leo had fed at 5.30 the day before, and slept through till 2am, when Claire woke. He wouldn’t feed and was pale and listless. After no help from NHSdirect, we took him to A&E. Where, of course, he was absolutely fine and behaved very sweetly with the paediatrician. We brought him home, where he slept and didn’t feed till about 9am – 17 hours. That’s quite scary. But then, next day he weighed in at 10lb 6.5oz – gaining weight so we shouldn’t worry.
On a linked note, someone wrote me an anonymous message on here asking how i ‘coped’ with so few comments on my site. Well, I admit to finding that really hard to cope with. Lucky, then, that i had to sit, terrified, with a floppy baby and a worried wife in a hospital at 4am – it really helped me get things into perspective.
Going back to work this week has been just as unimportant, though with less laughing. Discussions about which department has what budget is mildly diverting, like an old copy of Heat, but that’s all. I don’t think i’m getting much done – between talking to everyone about Leo and catching up with people, i don’t have time to do much! Still, after a week or so everyone will lose interest in me and my family, and i’ll be forced to do some work.


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