Baby in the BIG bath…

For the first time, i had a bath with Leo – he absolutely loved it. I enjoyed it too, though he did kick me painfully a few times. I hadn’t thought of that…
The water was deep enough that he could nearly float in it, with me holding his head. As i splashed water over him, he was gurgling and staring happily. He also kicked his legs, propelling himself away from me. He smiled a lot at that. There are so many occasions i want to grab a camera, but it would always be too late.
It’s really nice to be able to be that close to him, and to see him experiencing water as a new thing. I know taking a bath is relaxing for an adult too but I certainly don’t think of it as the fascinating, different sensation he clearly does. I think Claire is looking forward to taking a bath with him too – and she is certainly looking forward to going to a pool with him. Since Claire loves swimming, I can see that becoming a regular part of Leo’s week.
I remember going swimming with my parents as a kid and what fun it was. I can’t remember on holiday so much – running around over rocks was more fun – but Saturday mornings with the family all swimming are strong memories. I remember the cold of the changing room, the different temperatures of the baby and adult pools, but most of all how hungry i was afterwards. Jenny and I were allowed a bar of chocolate, which wasn’t common for mid-morning on a Saturday!


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