Last weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

OK, it’s late in the week to be writing about this, but we took Leo to stay in Lincolnshire last weekend. It was extremely relaxing, particularly to have food supplied and no washing to do! Leo was unperturbed by the change of scene, and behaved like a textbook baby.

He had happy relaxed smiles for Grandma, and for her friends who came to visit; he slept happily in Grandpa’s arms for a good 45 minutes while Claire and Lynda went clothes shopping for him. Leo, that is. Ian isn’t growing out of all his clothes. The particularly entertaining moment came when we passed Leo to Philippa, whereupon he farted mightily and filled his nappy. That’s my boy.
In the evening Claire’s parents went out to a wedding reception – I think they’d rather have spent time with us, but the bride was the daughter of the village matriarch, so that was not really an option. Leo was asleep, so we watched Tootsie – a much better film than I remembered, or perhaps my judgement has been impaired by seeing no films for 3 months.
On Sunday we put Leo on the grass in the Garden – he loved just lying there, and was clearly enjoying the texture – moving his arm across it and smiling. No interest in the horse at the end of the garden, though!
He has started to experience the world in a much more visible way – his face shows what he is thinking more than it did a week ago. Claire can read him much better than me, but i can sometimes discern distinct expressions.
He has a certin ‘blank’ stare – like he isn’t seeing what his eyes are pointing at – that means he is sensing something else. This is often music or unusual sounds, or new textures such as the grass or water. He has started to like being outside too – it isn’t so hot as when he was born, and the sky seems to interest him. Washing blowing on the line is fun too!


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