Weekend with the other grandparents

So, we went to Welwyn Garden City at the weekend – showed Leo a different, slightly more boisterous atmosphere! My side of the family are sometimes a bit Italian: everyone talks over each other, and there’s always at least two conversations going on in parallel. Linda came over en famille, after which there were even more. I hadn’t realised how much Linda loves babies – i think she’d have been happy staring at Leo for hours, but we had to get him to bed!
It is weird being in a big house. I didn’t notice it as much in Humby, i’m not sure why. But Claire and I have got used to being able to talk to each other in the flat wherever we are. When feeding him, she can always call for a muslin square, or a cup of tea – but at WGC, i just didn’t know what was going on upstairs. And i enjoyed talking to my parents so i didn’t go up to see how Leo was getting on.
He had a ridiculously sweet time all weekend – grinning all over the place. He fell asleep in Dad’s arms too – in the same position that Ian was holding him two weeks ago. What is it with Grandfathers? Magic touch, obviously.
Leo had a good half hour watching me start his jumper too – the next bout of knitting is now on the go! Mum showed me a better way to cast on as well, so it’ll be a better hem than on the hat.
We walked around the lagoon with Jenny, and up past our old house at 153 Daniels as well. As i always do, i stopped to look at the birch tree in its front garden. The lady of the house came out – no doubt wondering why we were staring. I said i’d ‘helped’ my dad plant the tree 29-odd years ago. She said it hadn’t been there when she moved in 13 years ago. She seemed very surprised, and said she’d need to check back on the photographs… Check away, i thought – and while you’re at it, do you remember a massive tree appearing anytime since you moved in?
It was really lovely to take Leo to places i know my parents took me as a child. I don’t really have any strong feelings for WGC – it was no better or worse than any other place to grow up – but it feels different to go there with him. I feel more connected with mum and dad there – there may be a 31 year time difference, but now i am the same as they were when i arrived in the world.
It’s a strange idea, but for the rest of my life i will be doing similar sorts of things to what they did 31 years ago. When i was, say, 25, i don’t think that what i was doing was the same as they were 25 years prior. But now, i will always be doing what they were doing 31 years ago.


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