Leo’s a bit tense…

Claire took the little sweetie to a Cranial Osteopath. She identified that he’s quite tense down his left side and from that induced that the cord may have been wrapped round his left shoulder at birth. I remeber at the final stages of the birth, the midwife was working the other side of Leo’s head from where i stood – which would put it at the left shoulder.
Scary that something we had no control over could leave Leo with a long-term remnant. She’s going to do some more work with him to try to even out the tension. Interestingly, she says he shouldn’t be able to lift his head up as well as he can; its because his muscles are too tensed.
I would be sceptical of this, except that the osteopaths i saw were so good at identifying and fixing (partially) my upper back a few years ago. Indeed sent me on the path to T’ai Chi Chuan, but that is another story.


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