Other childrens’ fascination

The three of us went the Cliveden today. It’s a lovely place, and we had a lovely lunch and afternoon albeit slightly wet. I got to experience first hand what i have only heard claire speak of until now – Leo’s magnetic effect on other children.
From 10-month old baby to a seven year old, they all wanted to come up and say hello, or just have a good stare. I understand parents, or parents-to-be (and parents-wanna-be? how do you pluralise wanna-be?) wanting to have a look – they can contextualise a baby with their own lives. But children, especially babies, are just acquiring sensations in order to grow. (Just?) So why do they have more curiosity for babies than other things? Maybe it is a self awareness – they recognise that this is another version of what they are?
I don’t know. Maybe in a few years Leo will tell me.


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