Little boy becoming more discerning

We can see him starting to exercise control and choice over what he looks at and responds too. It isn’t just that he smiles or grumps at what is in front of him.
Just the last few days he has started choosing whether to look at Claire or I when we are both with him. He might follow Claire with his eyes even though i am talking right in front of him.
When we ‘changed toy’ for him, he used to just accept what was in front of him. Now he follows the ‘old’ one with his eyes – he’s telling us he hasn’t actually finished with it yet!
It is remarkable how he has the same personality as before, but somehow just more of it, and experienced with more intensity. He is becoming more cute every day.
He’s also learnt about the evening routine. He has a bath before bed, and he seems to be upset in the run up to it – like he wants us to hurry up and get him in there. He usually goes to sleep quite happily then.
I experienced this morning an element of the morning routine too – it now always includes a book. The Dorling Kindersley Wild Animals one we have is popular – it has a furry lion’s mane, hurrah! He doesn’t yet reach out for it entirely on his own, but if we put his hand on it, he strokes up and down and smiles. I should think he’ll be reaching out for it soon.


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