Claire and i are very stupid

I cut my thumb today, carving a roast. (Yes, i know.) It’s an involved story, but the point is i now have a dressing that i have to keep dry.
So i can’t bathe Leo.
So Claire will be the one in the bath.
So i’ll be the one who’s handed a slippery wet baby to put into the towel carefully laid on my lap, and quickly wrap him up before he gets cold or kicks the edge of the bath and propels his head into the wall, then can’t get up off the toilet seat because of the bundle of joy mounted lap-wise.
So, the parents and not-stupid among you will have spotted the stupidity, yes? At the start of the long sentence…?
How about i hold the towel out, in my hands, and Claire places Leo onto it, thus avoiding wriggleness and drippage. 9 weeks of bathing and we’ve just got to this point.


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