Planning Christmas

Claire and I want to create a new tradition for our new-made trio. While we are part of a wider family, with our parents, siblings and more, we are nevertheless a little unit of three. We want to start a new tradition for Leo: that we spend Christmas at home, but see his grandparents on days close to Christmas.
In some ways it is a horrible situation – there is no way of organising large extended families, living in different parts of the country, in such a way that everyone can spend Christmas day with everybody. But it’s hard to make a concerted step to a new way – compromise can never be the best for everybody.
In another way though, it’s nice to plan new ways of being. We’re already thinking about a tree! He won’t remember it this year, but i hope he will from years subsequently.
It’s hard too, because taking on a parental role at all means saying goodbye, at least partially, to a child role. I think becoming a parent is probably the first time you really have to do that. It must be hard for parents – waving their chidren goodbye into the land of full adulthood. I’m sure it’ll be hard for us when Leo makes his own route through the world.


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