Reaching out

I happened to be at home Friday morning – waiting for the appt to take the dressing off my carved finger. I was watching Leo as he lay awake-ish in his cot. We’d put a teddy bear in there, since he seemed to enjoy looking at it.
As i quietly watched, he reached out for the bear and touched its body. Then talked to it. A sort of ‘gur goo’ sound, but certainly an interaction. He kept doing this, and never took his eyes off the bear.
I called Claire, so she saw it too. We stood in the bedroom doorway watching him and it was ages before i noticed we were hugging. Seeing him not only learn about the world but have the ability to reach into it – the fearlessness to try to make something. I don’t think i have ever seen anything so emotive and metaphorical as watching a first, unprompted foray outwards – for Leo to give something of himself to this bear and not be perturbed that he got nothing back. I hope Claire and i (and the little bear, if Leo turns it into a Transitional Object!) manage to keep him in a state where he can grow as this kind of little boy.
Blank slate my arse – he’s taking everything he can from the world to build himself.
By now, Sunday, three days on, he’s reaching out for whatever he fancies. Of course, he’s still discerning – many objects cut no mustard. Rattles, books, things hanging near his face, a puppy (Sue and Jeff’s four-month old dog, Stanley) are all interesting.
He’s twelve weeks today, as well, so happy birthday little sweetie. nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.


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