Busy weekend

Adam came down to stay, and Claire’s parents visited on Saturday. Then Richard came for lunch today as well, which was nice. I’m sure Leo waves to him, but we need more evidence – twice is not a trend.
Leo had a good time giggling at people and was as well-behaved as ever. Adam seemed to enjoy reading to him, and waving rattle in front of him. Leo likes him too – never seems remotely perturbed at being with Adam compared to with me. I’m just the one who cooks, i think…
I only noticed it this weekend, but some people pronounce his name differently. When i say it, i think it has a Lee-(y)-o sound – a sort of implied dipthong. When Adam says it, he uses a different tone on the first syllable – nearer Lay-o than Lee-o – but no dipthong. I don’t think Claire pronounces a dipthong either.
I’ve never noticed it before, but now i wonder how other people say it. I don’t think there’s a right way – though i’m sure Radio 4 has a pronounciation guide for it. I’ll be listening out more now.


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