It’s getting worse. Dry enough around his cheeks that he scratches/rubs it, and also appearing on his tummy. It’s horrible to see a thing we don’t understand affecting him like this – we can’t help and we can’t explain.
It is very different to the eczema i’ve seen before, though – it doesn’t sit within ‘creases’. It seems to be places that get moist, from rubbing his mouth-sucked hands across his face or dribbling down to his neck.
We’re going to change laundry liquid, see what that does. It’s odd, i’m always on the Piriton, but Claire’s itchy too since giving birth – I can’t help but wonder if there’s something in the house?


Leo rolling over!

Claire just called me. He rolled from his front to his back for the first time. Looked a bit shocked, then grinned gummy for ages. So, having let him roll on the floor at the weekend, we now have to watch him like a hawk cos he’ll roll off things more often now!
While she told me about it on the phone, he was sick on the bed. It’s all good.

Not gaining weight

Claire took him to the clinic. All OK, except he has dropped to the 25th centile. Typically, he’s fed like a Michael Winner since.
He has been developing his motor/coordination skills rapidly; maybe that’s taken all his energy. We shouldn’;t worry about it, but that’s easier said than done. Maybe he’s going to be more mummy-sized than daddy-sized!

Falling off the bed

Neither of us heard him fall off – Claire saw him on the floor and i heard her scream.
He’d rolled off, i think the pillow wasn’t stable on the bed. He was distraught – crying like we’d never heard before. I felt him all over, but nothing made the screams less or more intense. He fed for a bit, screaming whenever he came off.
In hospital, he wouldn’t follow the Paedatrician’s light, or a teddy. But when she moved, he kept looking at her, so she proclaimed him fine.
He’s been a bit grizzly today, but otherwise OK. Claire said he was looking at the spot on the floor where he fell, and got a bit upset. I wonder if he can remember it.
Claire hasn’t had a shock like that. She heard about my buggy incident, but nothing for which she felt responsible. We both spoke to our parents later – who each told us a tale of when one of their children fell off something, down the stairs… seems children really do bounce.
I don’t want to ever hear that cry again, but as mum said, it is preparation for when he falls off a climbing frame.


We’ve now asked four people to be godparents to Leo – and we are very happy they have all said yes. Richard, Alison, Anna and Jag are all fabulous people, and all know us well while being quite different in many ways. I had always wondered what i’d looked like when Judith asked me to be Felix’s godparent – seeing Jag’s face, i now know.
I wish there was a better name for it; but they all understand our request has nothing to do with Christianity; rather, supporting our boy, and us, as he grows into the world.
We have the magnum of champagne that Madame Lefevre gave us when we got the wedding champagne, which she said was pour le premier bebi. We’re going to plan for everyone to get together in one place to open it, wet Leo’s head and toast the extended family.
It’s going to be lovely.