Back from France

Well, what a week. Quick summary
-Leo is quite happy on a plane – takeoff noise sends him to sleep!
-Ruby, Hugo and Milo thought he was great, and were really nice holding him and chatting with him. ‘When will he play football’ was Hugo’s question. Fair point – come on Leo, hurry up!
-Leo definitely likes fish – their fishtank was a winner with him
-French people are SO much cooler about babies than English people. Even when he was screaming the restaurant down, he got smiles and waves. And ‘Trois mois’ sound far sweeter than ‘three months’.
-Claire is absolutely amazing. So easy, so relaxed and incredibly aware of how Leo feels at all times: when he needs a feed, a nap, is just grumpy or whatever.
Going to Barcelona was quite weird. I spent all the time there with a subdued crossness at the conference – it was ECSITE’s fault that i was not with my little boy. I didn’t sleep any better without the Leosounds – partly the Spanish, how can i say, hospitality, but mainly that i was very aware of what i couldn’t hear.
Coming back, i was impressed to discover that Leo can pretty much hold his head up. And he enjoyed a little lion bath toy as well. Maybe it is our reaction to the lions, but he seems to recognise and enjoy his namesakes!
It was lovely to be away, and to see all the McGuire’s, but it was quite nice to come home too. All the things in their ordinary places!


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