Departing Godson

Saturday afternoon, we went to see Sebastian and the boys. Sebastian has a new job so they’re relocating to Berlin – and he’s due to start on 1 December!
I’ve seen them less since Claire became heavily pregnant, and obviously since Leo was born. But its always nice to see them when we do – and great to see Felix as well. I do take the Godparent thing quite seriously, though i don’t know how any independent adjudicator would rate my performance or influence so far! It’s going to be odd not being able to see Felix so easily. I’ll have to be careful to work well with Judith to keep the English half of him well up to scratch. Tea and bad chocolate in parcels.
In a way it’s good that it’s Berlin – it makes it easier that we know Karsten and Anne there too, so we can split any visit with Leo.
Leon and Felix were very keen to give Leo some toys, so now we have some noisy things! Leo liked listening to Leon’s piano playing as well.


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