Falling off the bed

Neither of us heard him fall off – Claire saw him on the floor and i heard her scream.
He’d rolled off, i think the pillow wasn’t stable on the bed. He was distraught – crying like we’d never heard before. I felt him all over, but nothing made the screams less or more intense. He fed for a bit, screaming whenever he came off.
In hospital, he wouldn’t follow the Paedatrician’s light, or a teddy. But when she moved, he kept looking at her, so she proclaimed him fine.
He’s been a bit grizzly today, but otherwise OK. Claire said he was looking at the spot on the floor where he fell, and got a bit upset. I wonder if he can remember it.
Claire hasn’t had a shock like that. She heard about my buggy incident, but nothing for which she felt responsible. We both spoke to our parents later – who each told us a tale of when one of their children fell off something, down the stairs… seems children really do bounce.
I don’t want to ever hear that cry again, but as mum said, it is preparation for when he falls off a climbing frame.


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