Claire’s finding it hard at the moment

She’s fighting off a bug and has lots of of aches and pains. Worse than all that, she’s tired and drained. All this together makes her feel she isn’t coping, not being good enough somehow.
I’m being supportive, or think i am, by doing all i can around the house, all the hugging we have time for, but this can never get to the core of the problem. It isn’t possible, for anyone, to live up to standards of her superego. And with those standards so high, she can only fail.
She has absurdly high standards – perfect mother, wife, daughter, friend… – all the things she thinks she has to be. She tells me she worries about being a good ‘Wife’. I don’t know where she gets this concept of ‘Wife’ from. I have no Platonic Universal Form labeled ‘Wife’; I married Claire, and as she becomes more Clairesque, adding ‘mummy’ to her attributes, so i love her more.


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