Christmas Tree

Maybe its early, and maybe it’ll drop all its needles a week before Christmas, but we’ve put up and decorated a tree. I felt very daddyish sawing the base off, and carrying it into the front room trailed by needles.
Leo watched us decorate, enjoying the sparkliness. He was quite tired afterwards – overstimulated by the sheer Christmassyness of it all. Reminds me of when I was little. When Caire brought him into the living room this morning, he loked for the tree first. When he saw the lights weren’t on, he looked up at the ceiling lights instead.
So it seems that i’m not such a killjoy after all. Leo’s face when he sees the lights around the tree and windows makes me feel young again. Still can’t bear the muzak in the shops, though. And no, mum, i may feel christmassy but nowhere near enough for a CD of Christmas songs. A smaller, yet easily audible, bah humbug to that.


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