Leo’s physical explorations…

Leo is having a bad day today, the effects of his last booster jab are kicking in – he’s grumpy, sicky and his exzema has flared up badly.
But generally he is growing up beautifully. He has discovered his feet, and will grab them while on the changing table. He turned the pages of his book on Saturday.
He’s rolled over a few more times, though not everytime he’s on his front. He’s more comfy there as well, and pulls his head up to enjoy the new view. Most fun of all, though, is him standing up – supported by us for balance, of course, but he really enjoys doing it – he always smiles, even if he’s crying when we lift him up and set him down on his feet.
I’ve had cellulitis, and nearly septicaemia from it – that’s one reason i haven’t written for a while. So now i’m recovering with two different strong antibiotics. It hasn’t quite gone away yet, though i think it will before Christmas. So our perfect plans for our first Christmas as a family of three have been sent a litttle awry – i haven’t even managed to do some of my shopping yet and i don’t know if i’ll be able to being ill like this. Milk Tray from the Shell garage?


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