A lovely story about bowels…

Have you had your dinner? And to defuse all narrative tension, it all ends in a happy eruption of noise and stink.
He hadn’t had a poo for four days. We were getting a little worried, but not too much as he had no distress, vomiting, bloating or any other illness signs. The doctor said we should give him some cooled boiled water and call tomorow if he was the same.
He refused the water, just screaming when we offered it to him. Claire had gone to put in her part-time working request to the BBC, and he was sitting happily on my lap. He started to grunt. Then the little noises all parents recognise. I was quite pleased, until it reached my nostrils.
When i started to change him, i saw the stain through his dungarees, about level with his belly-button. At this point i called for help. We had to unroll his clothes, to avoid coating his face with the mess. We washed him, twice, in the kitchen sink. Then ourselves.
He was very happy, and we both thought he felt a few ounces lighter… It remains to be seen whether this is the new way – will it be krakatoa every fourth day from now on?
OK, story over, go get yourself a snack. Yum.


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