Wrapping presents

Leo sat watching us wrap up Christmas presents this evening. He was quite happy sitting there – grinning at me whenever i wasn’t looking – Claire said it’s quite weird how he often stops smiling whenever i look at him. I think the alpha male of the house is playing it cool.
Mum will gloat for years now, but i actually missed having Christmas music while wrapping. Singing along to Beatles songs is great (esp Ringo ones that weren’t sung in tune in the first place – less pressure on my awful vocal chords to get at least within a tone of the right note) but it just isn’t the same.
Children do change Christmas. Even when they don’t understand, their presence changes you, so you feel differently about it. It is strange how i think he is changing things – Leo changes nothing himself – but i change everything according to what i think he should have as a baby. Just as i guess my parents did for me. Maybe mum never liked the carols herself until i came along…?


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