A new type of Christmas Eve…

Took Leo to the doc this morning – he’s now got steroid cream for the eczema and a sweet pink antibiotic for the infection causing it to rash up. Horrid that he’s ill but he’s quite good-natured about it – it doesn’t affect his mood unless he’s tired and scratchy.
Giving him the antibiotic is fun – he won’t swallow it but gargles and then spits. Sticky. Later Dad said to hold his nose. It’s quite nasty to do, but it does seem to work.
We were there for Christmas Eve. It was very nice to see the family, and moving to see Mum, Dad and Jenny so happy to see Leo. His timings went awry, but Leo was quite good natured given the bustle. Linda was very happy to see him too.
We left with a car-full of presents. It seems that ‘moderation’ into ‘baby’ doesn’t go.
Coming back, we put the presents round the tree and they’re spilling out like an alluvial fan. Paradoxically, I’m now looking forward even more to next Christmas – when Leo will be old enough to truly appreciate and anticipate.


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