Christmas Day!

Leo never knew fun could be so exhausting! He woke cheerful enough, and we did the normal morning routines (Except for Daddy making Mummy some pancakes for breakfast).
At about 9.00, we were ready for present number one. Leo tried to eat the wrapping paper, and he seemed to be enjoying himself. By the time we’d reached the third or fourth, he was a bit tired and went for a nap. So we opened some of ours!
We had a walk which, strangely, brought us past a pub with a little beer garden… so daddy got his Christmas Pint. Then we did some more present-opening and cooked the duck for lunch (Mmmmm!). We ate to the Christmassy tunes of Dance with the Teletubbies.
Leo was given all sorts of rattles and toys, and lots of clothes too. The immediate hit was definitely the Rainmaker from Jenny. Leo enjoyed the sound of it, and watching the balls cascading down, but whenever he got close enough, he went to chew it!
We were, and are, extremely moved by everyone’s generosity – he was given so many things that he’s going to play with, wear, watch or whatever. And there weren’t any duplicates, which was quite impressive.
It was a tiring day – so much stimulation made Leo quite grizzly towards the end of the day – but just amazing for us. Now we just want to see him when he understands what is happening – next year will be even better I think.
It makes me think about the pictures i have seen of my first Christmas – i can see how happy Mum and Dad were, but not how much they’d be looking forward to the next time.
[And yes, i cheated and changed the date. This was actually written 30 Dec]


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