Boxing Day and beyond

It’s all awry, i know, but everything’s been so busy i haven’t been able to write properly. So, anyway, on Boxing day we drove to Grandma and Grandpa’s for chapter three of Leo’s first Christmas.
Again, lovely to see everyone; exclamation about Leo cascaded exactly like snow didn’t. Lynda had bought the most fantastically tacky fibre optic Chirstmas tree (‘For Leo’, she said. Hmm.) – at which he spent ages simply staring. More toys, cuddlies and clothes were unwrapped – not that Leo took his eyes off the wrapping paper for any length of time.
Leo had his first play at the piano, once mummy could be persuaded to stop, and he had his first proper go in the baby bouncer Katie lent us.
As Ian said, it was incredible to watch him learning – he didn’t understand at first, but he slowly got the hang of bouncing on one leg then the other, and of stamping his feet on the floor. He had an audience of four – a strange way to learn things but that’s babylife i suppose.
We took him on a few walks – including one slightly longer one where Leo spent some time looking at chickens. He was mesmerised by them; he’ll be even more fascinated when he learns how good they taste.
Claire and I had a really nice time too – being able to relax a little knowing there was someone else doing bits and bobs of care – it was incredibly refreshing to have even just 15 minutes knowing that neither of us had to watch him.
It was very sad to come home again – knowing that Leo’s first Christmas had finished. Roll on next one!


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