After the party

Leo’s day was lovely. We popped the magnum of Reserva and toasted him, and Claire welcomed the four godparents to our family.
There were some lovely moments. Jag and Leo jointly investigated a clicky-seahorse toy. Grandad swung him about in his bouncer, Grandma sang some songs. Alison’s lap hosted Leo while he stared at everyone in the room in turn. Everyone had a cuddle, and ate too much of the lovely food, of which there was overplenty.
It was slightly noisy and chaotic, which tired Leo out a bit, and got me all worried about mess. I never can relax when there’s lots of people around, i’m always a little on edge.
Richard stayed overnight, and we had a walk through the parks and lunch at carluccio’s [again…]. Leo had a good stare and giggle at everyone.
Not sure if it is this weekend’s difference of routine, but he hasn’t started eating properly again. He must have managed to swallow a little bit of carrot [orange tinge to the nappy…], but the formula milk is definitely causing a reaction – anything it touches comes up red, then goes down after an hour or so. Maybe that’s what is making eating difficult? Another trip to the Dr for Leo and Claire.


Now Claire is OK!

She’s fine this morning so everything’s on again. Just got to
cook carrots, mash them and feed to Leo
get the house tidy and clean
wash up
sort out the food.
1.5 hours – Easy!
(As long as he keeps enjoying his bouncer…)

Leo’s godparents thing

It’s not a Christening and everyone knows his name, so naming the day is odd. Whatever we call it, though, it’s tomorrow.
I was writing that all was ready, with food and people on the way. But now Claire’s just been quite sick – not sure at the moment whether she’s got a tummy bug or eaten some dodgy food.
I’ve called everyone and said they shouldn’t set out until they hear from me – it’ll be sad to cancel but if that’s how the wind blows then so be it. Leo will meet his godparents a bit later.
Just hope Claire’s OK. Last thing she needs on top of this tiredness and weaning stress is to go down with a major bug.

Claire’s jobshare sorted out

Elaine got the jobshare post, so Claire is going back in April, 3 days per week. It’s really good news – exactly what we wanted, once we accept we can’t afford for Claire to stay at home.
Claire called the nursery and discussed the details, but now she’s upset and i can really understand. It’s going to be really hard for her to leave Leo and go to work, and i don’t know how she’s going to feel when it really gets to it.
I feel sad too – knowing that my little boy won’t have his mummy all the time. Knowing we don’t have much choice doesn’t make the choice easier.
It’s hard for everyone, whether it’s full or part time, childminder or nanny. It’s easy to say it’ll be OK, but i don’t think Claire feels that.

Leo not such a big boy

He’s not putting weight on as much as he should be, and has dropped beneath the 25th Centile.
Only a bit worried – we’ve started him on the weaning process and i’m sure he’ll catch up. Also those Centiles are all overestimates anyway – about 10 per cent too far towards the big end. Dad says i grew in spurts, not putting on weight while i learnt things – maybe leo’s too busy learning how to put both hands into his mouth to do any growing.

Um bongo

If you are an Ocado user, why not try this. Type ‘bum’ into the search field. You get one result…
Libby’s Um Bongo Cartons
9 x 250ml

Strangely, ‘arse’ gives no results. The least i’d expect is some consistency with synonyms.
This is how we spend our evenings. Rude words and search engines. Godparents, oh how we need you, else Leo grow up disturbed.

Spinning mummy

Claire, for reasons best known to herself, decided to do her best wonderwoman impression. Leo lay looking at her, giggling like mad. He wouldn’t stop – with her hair flying about, and a huge grin on her face, her madness got to him too.
This after a morning of grumpiness – but all hinged on who is doing what in the morning. That all derives from who gets a lie in, or gets to go back to bed. So, ultimately, everything’s lovely except we both want more sleep.