Worst day of my life (but all fine in the end)

Tuesday. Claire called after visiting doctor with a sudden lump in her breast; she was waiting to hear from the hospital for an emergency appointment.
I went home to find she’d called Chris round; Leo was puzzled but playing. Internet-searching and reasoning of probabilities told me it was highly unlikely to be a tumour – but understanding didn’t lift the sunken heart.
We spent the afternoon crying, distracted only by Leo’s needs – forcing cheer to our voices. Bouncing around my skull were variations of just two themes – How could i cope without her? And, how could Leo grow up without a mummy?
But the happy ending… during his pre-bed tank-up, Claire had sudden sharp pain, then a let down from heaven – all gone in two minutes. A benign cyst and a blocked duct caused backing up of milk, the hospital said the next day. Nothing to worry about – a let off.


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