Leo moves out…

…of our bedroom and into the nursery.
It’s been a day of DIY, moving the cot and the nappy-change-support shelf. He’s been asleep there since 7.00, and now Claire’s going to feed him there and put him back down for the night.
With the holes in the bedroom wall filled and painted, the only evidence he was there are the imprints in the carpet left by the cot.
It feels very strange – a milestone, even though he’s only just down the hall. It will take us an extra second to get to him. I’m not sure how we’re going to sleep – listening on the monitor for him to cry, or listening for no noise at all. And what will it be like for me? I won’t come up from sleep to gentle suckling sounds, but to a swish as Claire goes to feed him elsewhere.
We will miss him. And maybe it’ll be even nicer to see him the each morning.


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