After the party

Leo’s day was lovely. We popped the magnum of Reserva and toasted him, and Claire welcomed the four godparents to our family.
There were some lovely moments. Jag and Leo jointly investigated a clicky-seahorse toy. Grandad swung him about in his bouncer, Grandma sang some songs. Alison’s lap hosted Leo while he stared at everyone in the room in turn. Everyone had a cuddle, and ate too much of the lovely food, of which there was overplenty.
It was slightly noisy and chaotic, which tired Leo out a bit, and got me all worried about mess. I never can relax when there’s lots of people around, i’m always a little on edge.
Richard stayed overnight, and we had a walk through the parks and lunch at carluccio’s [again…]. Leo had a good stare and giggle at everyone.
Not sure if it is this weekend’s difference of routine, but he hasn’t started eating properly again. He must have managed to swallow a little bit of carrot [orange tinge to the nappy…], but the formula milk is definitely causing a reaction – anything it touches comes up red, then goes down after an hour or so. Maybe that’s what is making eating difficult? Another trip to the Dr for Leo and Claire.


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