Babyfood guru newsflash – she’s mad

Claire took Leo to a photoshoot last week. It was for a forthcoming publication by the country’s bestselling babyfood book author. A friend of Claire’s is the editor, and had sent [what to call her? i’ll go for “Hag” but you must imagine “Expensively manicured Hag in Dior” when i write it] pics from the web site. She thought he was cute. Oops.
On the day, Hag was a snob, a loon and entertainingly over-jewelled. She took over with her clique of coiffured late-thirties accessory mums – the ones whose nannies present the child to an audience, so one can fully appreciate the beautific radiance of the angelic mother. Despite the photographer’s plan to get the littlest ones done first, Hag took over, thrusting her friends’ kids forwards. The poor mites were all dressed as Eton wannabee styles (think gingham and boaters), and their mothers were too busy talking about their waiting chauffers to interact at all.
I’d have left when the second ‘we’ll get to the six-month babies in just a few minutes’ came and went. But since leo needed changing and feeding they hung around anyway. When Hag came to actually have Leo on her lap for the picture, she had no maternal instincts and was very angry when Leo grabbed at her (surgically- and mechanically-enhanced) bust.
It’s just a shame she writes such good babyfood recipes.


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