Still hates bottles and cups, but broccoli is a hit…

He still hasn’t taken more than 25ml from a cup or bottle. He is hating it less – he takes a few sips – but it isn’t going well. Worried because he won’t be getting enough fluid or iron.
But, during an outing to the Design Museum today, I fed him in a Caffe Nero. He ate all of the sweet potato’n’broccoli – first time he’s had broccoli. He sat on my lap and lunged for the spoon each time i brought it near his mouth. The papaya wasn’t as popular – but it did make a nice soggy feeling once it slipped down my sleeve and lodged by my elbow.
The exhibition on the development of information design, by the way, had fab objects and some good interpretation. Leo enjoyed looking at the lights and picture frames. Carrying him round the gallery looking at things felt like something i was born to do. Fatherhood and profession in one mildly tiring package.


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