Still not drinking, but…

Leo’s still not drinking much of anything – water or formula. Worried he’s getting dehydrated but there’s no crying or anything so we shouldn’t worry too much. In terms of the solid food though, he has almost anything we give him, lapping up spinach and peas. But – cauliflower was a BIG no-no. I think the texture more than the taste.
He’s learnt to sit up, but he does forget most of the time. We can’t sit him on the floor – he suddenly flops forward or backwards.
He has an ear infection at the moment. We have to give him antibiotics, which we can mix with his solid food during the day. But, we are back squirting fluid into his mouth when he’s half asleep. He wakes up and screams, but then does go to sleep quicly afterwards. So, i’m not sure he actually wakes up properly. I imagine in future he’ll have nightmares about being forced to drink something horrid…


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