Leo still not eating

he’s using Claire as comfort, i think, and he won’t take bottles or cups. The doctor is worried enough about him to get an appointment with a Paediatrician – hopefully to clear up all the possibly linked issues at once – recurring bits of eczema, not gaining weight, not drinking and all that. Maybe there’s one thing going on that connects all these?
But apart from that, he seems to like his daddy! I’m very pleased about this, it makes me feel all glow-worm: Claire thinks he’s trying to say ‘Daddy’ (as well as the ‘yessssssssssss’ he attempts) but today she showed him photos of me/us on the computer and he was smiling at them!
It’s hard for Claire being so worried about his eating, and also being the one who has to cope with him being difficult and grumpy during the day – i see the sunny bits when he’s just fresh in the morning or when he’s smiling his way to bed. Something i can’t change or truly help with.
Claire’s worried about going back to work. I think that is manifest in anxiety about him eating; he needs to be taking a bottle when he goes to nursery. However, there is another way to look at it: Leo is very strong-willed, and while he can manipulate Claire into letting him breast-feed, he doesn’t have to take the bottle. If that’s the case, then nursery could fix it.
However, that isn’t something to worry about now – we need to work out why he hasn’t gone back onto food since being ill. Hopefully we’ll get the appointment soon. For reassurance as much as anything else.


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