Little money worrries

Claire’s preparing for going back to work, reading what’s going on since she left work eight months ago. There’s no choice – we need the money. I know that the recent [60s – 80s] trend for mum-at-home families is a historical aberation – both parents have worked. But i can’t shake of a feeling that i should be able to provide for Claire and Leo without her having to work.
I feel guilty that i’ve chosen a low-paying career. And angry that society values the work i do less highly than, say, a tax lawyer. If i were doing something that paid more, there’d be less pressure on Claire to go back so soon. And i know that everything works out, but it doesn’t change the underlying rumble.
Bits of work needed on the house, and the joist-that-may-be-sagging – never mind the garden – all have calls on the purse, which isn’t as well stacked as a year ago. I know that a child changes the finances, but it is nevertheless a bit of a surprise.
He’s got no idea, of course! And i wouldn’t change anything – maybe just change the laws so that public sector salaries double…


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