Our lion is too skinny

We saw the dietician 2 days ago. By her measurements, he has dropped to the ninth centile. Reassessing measurements from 2 weeks ago, he had gone below the 25th then, but they added up his age wrong. Not helpful.
The dietician said not to worry about the drinking – as he wees ok, he must be getting enough. We musn’t get stressed about it.
But then the other things. I am livid with the health visitors. Claire had asked them about the vitamins (WHO recommend after 6 months). They had said ‘but they have peanut in them’. Firstly – that’s rubbish. The oil is so refined that is has none of the potential allergen in it. But secondly, for a baby not having enough formula, the vitamins are VERY important. They should have encouraged Claire to get them for him.
But about the weight. We have been following, again, all the advice regarding what to feed him – healthy vegetable and all that. What we didn’t know, but should have been told by someone, is that he doesn’t need vegetables. He needs protein, and fat. So, meat in oil should be the base of most of the meals. Not offering meals comprising a meal (eg a jar, or spag bol) with a veg on the side – it should be meat with meat on the side. And the greasier the better.
Claire is upset, but i am less so. I’m angry, but at least now we have two things – an explanation of why he hasn’t been gaining weight; and a plan for what to do next.
I’ve cooked him chicken liver – which he wolfed – and this morning, lamb. Nice fatty cuts too. We’ll also try to stick to the nursery mealtimes – which will give him one more meal a day.
So, in a month, he should have started to put on weight more rapidly again.


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