Nightmares after nursery

After three days at nursery, Claire’s first days back at work, Leo seemed fine. But he woke up inconsolably screaming three times last night, and this morning has been constantly grizzly – not like him at all. Thinking it may be teething, and/or tiredness, he’s now asleep on our bed with 4ml of Medised in him. Maybe if he can get a proper nap he’ll be a bit better.
It’s very frightening to think it may be in response to nursery. Claire and I feel bad he’s going there in many ways – why can’t he have 24hr care from both of us? He’s crying more with Claire than with me (though maybe because i showed him Teletubbies to distract him from the milk he never likes…) and maybe that’s because he knows he missed her?
It’s impossible to tell, but we can’t help worrying we’ve done the wrong thing for him, and should have found him a childminder. Or not gone back to work. Or lived in cloudcuckooBlyton land where children are always happy.


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