We took him swimming yesterday. He’s amazingly happy in the water, but when we take him to the side of the pool – to hang on and do some kicking – he’s more interested in pulling himself out of the water!


At Anja and Patrick’s wedding

Leo was an angel. He was whelping during the ceremony, but otherwise quite quiet all day. Taking it all in, he was – watching the children running around, and enjoying the different views. There was a string quartet playing for most of the afternoon – for about fifteen minutes, he became very calm and concentrated on them.
Anja and Pat looked fantastic, and were glowing all afternoon. There was a very relaxed, unhurried feel about the day – which i think was due to the influence of so many Danes around the place.
Leo had a nap, and then slept, on a bed in the house – making some other parents envious of how easy we find it to take Leo to new places.

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Officially, the end of the evening breastmilk feed

He was sad tonight when i got him home – and had been for the last hour of nursery. He cried while he ate, and while i dressed him for bed.
He played with building blocks for a bit, which cheered him up. Then Claire got back and he wriggled and giggled – he was very pleased to see her. But he did his new biting-face trick (which we think might be a kiss…). The point is, he wasn’t lunging for milk. So, we put him to bed and where quite surprised when he just went to sleep.
Two nights of no evening feed definitely constitutes both a trend and a decision.
Just popped in – he’s angelically serene, with his legs drawn up frog-fashion. And i’m sure he’s fatter round his chops.

Leo’s first night without breastmilk…

Claire had a work thing tonight, so i did this evening alone for the first time. He at a snack, drinking nothing as usual. He was falling asleep as i fed him, then rubbing his eyes crying when i changed him and got him into his night things.
He was looking around a bit, maybe he was looking for Claire but smiled at the nightnights. He cried when i left him but was out like a light within 2 minutes. And he’s been asleep since. Just wonder what the morning will be like!
It was quite scary, being on my own. Not sure whether i was worried about messing something up that would bother him, or being told off by Claire for him wearing the wrong thing (three cardigans and his booties, what’s wrong with that? What do you mean, he doesn’t like pink and green?). Though, as Pat said, being dressed in completely the wrong clothes because daddy’s a novice is quite good fun in itself.

Weekend with Grandma and Grandpa

Where Leo ate Grandma’s kedgeree, and spent a lot on Sunday morning sitting in the Garden. He ate very well, and drank a bit, for Lynda as well, which was encouraging. It’s just his parents he won’t eat from.
On saturday we went to the playground at Belton House. Wasted on Leo – a swing is a swing – but I had a great time on the abseil-y thing.( The one that made people muddy on the Krypton Factor. Yes, that one) Leo found it worth giggling at.