Leo called me daddy for the first time.
And then did so three more times this evening.


Climber and crawler

Given just half a chance (next to anything vertical) he’s trying to pull himself to standing. And, with little technique but sheer brute force, he can pull himself along the floor by his elbows. He’s going to get carpet burn on his knees, though, if he keeps on just dragging his torso; he looks like he’s on commando training.

Getting mobile

He is turning on the spot however takes his fancy – whether he’s sitting up or lying on his tummy.
And in the changing room at swimming today, he pulled himself up against a bench.
Later this afternoon, Claire said she’d left him sitting on the floor, popped out, then ran back as he screamed. He’d moved to the coffee table (somehow) then hauled himself up – and promptly fell over. I think by the weekend we’ll be childproofing.

Tiny crawl

He made one little forward movement today. More a drag than a crawl, but nonetheless it’s progress.
Leo made me a father’s day card at nursery this week; with which Claire woke me up by throwing it onto my poor sleeping face.
Later we went for a walk by the river – Leo was puzzled by a narrowboat chugging past. I had a father’s day drink in the Fox’s beer garden, where Leo sat watching the kids running around. He waved a lot, but no-one waved back. Until a five-or-so year lod girl came over while we read Ten Little Ladybirds and did actions and sounds for all the animals. He enjoyed that, but through a slight haze of puzzlement

Leo’s horse

Mum and dad have spoilt Leo with a little wheeled horse. It’s going to live at their house – there’s more space in the country.
He enjoyed being pushed back and forth, but he preferred to stand astride it. Of course, the best thing was the box – it had a picture of a baby on it!

Little boy didn’t want to sleep…

We put him down to sleep, and he was chatting away happily as usual. Then a rattle sound comes through the monitor… We had left rattly soft teddy way out of reach – but Leo had wriggled and reached him anyway. Our little boy was lying there wide awake shaking teddy, knowing he’d been clever to reach him – a big grin all over his face.
We did another nightnight, put ted out of reach and left him again. Fifteen minutes later, he’s crying – he’s rolled over onto his face, twisting his Grobag and wedging against the cot bars. He’s stuck but he was only crying to get our attention – he’s wearing the ‘i am clever’ grin again.
In a while he is going to be climbing and reaching everything…

“Keep him away from this hospital”

Follow-up appointment with the Paediatrician this afternoon. Leo is still only on the 9th Centile for weight, still with a proportionally large head.
An unprofessional look of surprise (and anger?) crossed his face when we outlined what the dietician told us (‘add oil to his food’).
He said Leo’s fine, and he’s clearly sorting himself out for what he needs. We should keep him away from doctors, hospitals and the health profession generally.
So all along, our instincts, our parents’ instincts and our friends’ instincts were all right. He’s a little monkey, but he’s the right size of monkey.