Leo learns to play peek a boo…

…for himself! He was hiding behind his towel and then pulling down with a big grin and shouting.


Understanding words and phrases

Yesterday with a raisin, and this morning with a dried apricot, Leo demonstrated his new understandings – i was gobsmacked.
Each time, he held it as a toy, examining it – he didn’t realise it was food. So i said and made the sign for eat, and he popped it in his mouth.

First haircut, first festival (from outside mummy’s tummy…)

His hair had been getting quite straggly, so Claire took him to a barber today. He didn’t like it – wriggling a bit and grumping. They took quite a bit off (and gave Claire a lock to take home) but he still has quite a mop.
I met Claire in the park to go to the annual Ealing festival. Leo was tired – no nap, too busy grooming himself – but he absolutely loved it. Looking at all the people, and jiggling his body around to the music – i think he’s trying to dance.
Last time Claire and i wandered through the festival, Leo was jiggling about – but inside Claire tummy! The day before he was born we had walked through it. Funny to think he’ll be a year old soon.

First blood

Playing standing up games in the bath, he slipped and immediately started to cry. I saw what looked like a piece of red glitter on his tongue.
He’d knocked his chin and bitten a little gash. First time i’d really seen his blood. First of many to come, i think. Particularly given Lynda’s report to me that once Claire started crawling she was “a horror”. Whether to herself or to everything fragile around her i have yet to clarify…
He calmed down quite quickly, and we before bed, we did a new variation on the game of passing back and forth. (‘For daddy? Thank you. Oh, this is lovely, thank you Leo. Now would Leo like this?’)
We swapped two useless objects a few time, each time Leo reaching for mine while passing me his. I hope this bodes well for future sharing.

Evening cot fun

Bedtime doesn’t mean sleep. On the contrary, for Leo it means any or all of the following:
-crawling up and down
-sitting up and banging the cot bars
-hitting the underside of the changing table with his head
-rolling into the corner and kicking the wall
-reaching and grabbing lion, miffy, leonard or teddy, then throwing them around
This evening, he was crying about an hour after going to bed. We went in, to discover him sitting facing the wall with his legs through the cot bars, stuck between the edge of the cot and the wall. He looked like a naughty dunce at the back of the class.

Thank you, Leo!

New game, he must have learnt it at nursery. He holds something out, and smiles when i take it. Then he reaches for it again, and grins when i give it to him. We say ‘thank you’ (well, i speak for him at the moment), and he is often saying ‘da’ – not sure if that means ‘there [you go]’ or ‘ta’.
I love that he’s learning things from the outside world and bringing them back to us – a tiny glimpse of how Claire and I might change as we see the world through his eyes.