Birthday evening

We finished opening the presents, and popped some champagne at 6.24 – the precise anniversary of his birth. I was quite overwhelmed, more so than at any other part of the day – i was crying as i looked at Leo in Claire’s arms. I feel so proud of both of them – Claire for well, just everything, and Leo for jumping headlong into everything he does.
Then he gave me a big hug and a ‘kiss’ – which consists of him pressing his open mouth to whichever part of my anatomy is nearest. So, i get a wet ear, a bitten nose, or whatever.
Now we have a houseful of lots more stuff. Some of the early toys have gone to toy heaven (a box on a high shelf).
I can’t believe how big he looks. And that he understands signs, or that putting a toy on my head is silly, therefore funny. I like it that he is judicious with his grins, not easily pleased. I like it that he ignores me if he’s absorbed in a task.
Claire wants to know what “everything” means. Well… Hugging, carrying, kissing, signing, playing, drawing, chattering, swimming, swinging, feeding, persuading, changing, dressing, undressing, dressing, undressing, changing, feeding, just everything. Silly woman – i mean everything.


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