Saturday’s party

Haven’t had a moment to write about Leo’s first birthday party on Saturday.
He was so good. He reacted to lots of people in his house, then his garden, with perfect equanimity. I can’t possibly say whether he had a good time or not, but he certainly sat on many laps.
Lots of people came bearing cards and gifts – which we mainly piled up for his actual birthday. Only afterwards did Claire point out that in this way we deprived people of seing Leo opening things. But then, it wasn’t his birthday – not sure what i think about that, really. I can see both sides. Maybe we’ll do it differently at his next party.
Claire had made a cake, which was lovely – being Claire, though, she only saw that it wasn’t ‘perfect’ – but as a taster i have to say it was fab. Leo ate his first chocolate button. He enjoyed it, but his chief emotion was confusion: it stuck to his finger upon withdrawal from mouth – not a problem presented by other foods.
It was lovely that so many people came; apart from those detained by work or holidays on other continents, everyone was there. It ended up an odd size of group, though. It was not quite large enough to get away from ‘one big conversation’ but not quite small enough for that to feel totally intimate. I may be oversensitive to these things though.
I didn’t really see Leo much – he was always off with someone else. Like at a wedding – maybe parents never get to spend time with the guest of honour whatever the occasion.


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