Where does the time go?

What happened to the last week? No idea. Still, it’s 23.20 and i’m still up – Claire’s out bowling. Oh yes she is. So a catch-up.
Claire’s birthday came and went – like mine really. I think they’ll always be an anticlimax now after the excitement of Leo’s birthday. Still – he gets much more from it that we do so that’s OK.
Leo has had his NCT-babies birthday party. He didn’t like it much – he cried at the singing of ‘Happy Birthday’. Later he got more grizzly and by Monday had got himself an eye infection. He had raging fever and MississippiSnot but is getting better now. Raging dry hacking cough not fun though.
He’s learnt some new tricks.
Shake up high, shake down low from sing and sign (basically, he holds his hands over his head then by his knees)
-a lovely clap-hand-to-mouth-while-saying-aaaaah thing – i can’t call it what would explain very clearly without Jenny shouting at me for native american sterotypes.
-nodding. He’ll tip his head forward so his chin is on his chest when you say ‘yeeeessss’ to him. And he’ll do a shake for ‘no’ and a shake for ‘yes’, too.
Ever so cute ever so often.


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