Off to Greece!

Leo is fast asleep in his ‘going on a plane’ clothes. We will be waking him up in about 4 hours to go to the airport – it’s a bit nervewracking, the thought of a 4 hour flight, but i’m sure we’ll cope. Enjoying the childless’ glares, i should think.
He’s eating like a dustbin at the moment, so i should think he’ll be fine there. I’m looking forward to introducing him to the sea. His one glance so far being so negative, i hope this time he’ll swing the other way.
No time really, but he has been a cutie all week. Splashing in the bath, wiping up mess on the table, even putting things away in kitchen cupboards after he’s hauled them out.
But no time. Must go to bed now.


Thinking about walking…

Leo has got cruising the house via walls and furniture down pat. Now he just has to walk unsupported. He is obviously thinking about it – there’s a little pause when he sees something in the distance… but then he sits down and crawls to a nearer piece of furniture.
One day he’s just going to do it, we think.

Feeding and cleaning

He has started to feed himself – taking the spoon from us when laden, and putting it into his mouth. He’s trying to jab it toward the yoghurt pot as well.
But the cutest thing is – he is trying to clean! He has taken a wipe and polished a spill with it. So either this is good, cute and learning by copying… or Leo will grow up with an obsessive-compulsive disorder.