Monkey spotting

I ‘sang’ the first line of ‘Five Little Monkeys’. He pointed and pointed until i walked him over to the finger puppets, whereupon he picked out the monkey.
He’s making links between widely disparate things – i can see him, day by day, growing his mind.


Milestones at a rate of knots!

At a Chiswick restaurant with Adam and Emma. After lunch, he was cruising round the furniture when he suddenly walked off into the middle of the room. After about 8 steps he sat down and looked around, quite pleased with himself.
He’s never walked before without someone encouraging him, ready to catch/hug.
Just before bed, i was singing 5 little monkeys – i was only a few lines in when he started gesticulating and da-da-ing towards his finger puppets. He went straight to the monkey.

Remembering Greece

So, some scribbling just for the archive from our two weeks in Greece.
We arrived at the hire car at 1.00pm, with Leo screaming, having had a 3.30am alarm call and then a disrupted morning. He was quite sick at the airport then grizzled all the way to our apartment. We were feeling worried but just desperate to get him to a cot for sleep. He had a screamy night, then another, while running a fever of 40 at times. But then a tooth came through and we relaxed. Teething, nothing worse.
Our days soon took on a regular routine. Slow mornings, a lunchtime/afternoon trip and then either eating in (then Leo asleep, us reading) or eating out (Leo cruising round the restuarant table, then sleeping in his buggy).
Leo was fascinated by the view out of the window over the sea. But his real love of the holiday was the car. In fact, any car. He started pointing at every car he saw, and soon progressed to saying ‘ca(r)’ and ‘brmm brmm’. He liked them so much we bought him his first toy car in a supermarket; he played with it every day till we left.
He also took to singing and dancing in the back of the car. Particularly with the 70s and 80s pop CDs – to which he warbled along chirpily on his own! I love how self-sufficient he is.
We had only brought four books, and we read all of them many times a day. I could recite Peepo in my sleep by the end of it.
Leo wasn’t sure of the sea – the waves frightened him. He got used to the sea over the holiday, but the best time for him was on a beach. It had a tiny stream running over the sand – he sat in it and splashed pebbles around. I enjoyed building dams, too, but it’ll be a while before Leo is interested in those!
He enjoyed the pool as well, but it often wasn’t warm enough for him to enjoy for long. He tried a neighbour’s floaty-ring, then we bought one for him.
He really loved just sitting in restaurants, though. He eat really well, and loved looking at the ubiquitous cats. He didn’t quite learn that they were attracted by the food, though – for which we are grateful or he’d have eaten far less. He must have put on quite a bit of weight out there – he had red meat every day and usually ate the meat from an adult portion. He developed a love for grapes, too. He had a couple of flirty moments, too – particularly with Grace, a two-year old in a restaurant who patted his head and received a beam in return!
He learnt to go down steps, too – i say ‘learnt’ but it must be instinctive. He had never seen steps before when crawling, but he knew to turn round and edge down backwards.
Everyone we met was lovely. Leo got many admiring glances, kisses and strange little arm-pinches from everyone – but most charmingly the younger Greek men. Waiters were all very sweet. Some carried him off for a look round the restaurant while Claire and I ate.
We did have a taster of battles to come, though. He learnt to put his cup back on the table after a drink. Soon, he started throwing his cup on the floor – looking at us first, then sighing as he rapidly dropped it. It was very clear he knew he was being naughty. He looks far too cute when he knows he’s being naughty – it’s hard not to smile. But i can see he’s just experimenting – testing us and himself to discover the boundaries of his world.
The last thing i wrote was a discovery – he was on his own in the room reading a lift-up-flap book (Buster on the farm). As he opened and closed the barn door, he said ‘Moo!’ to the cow. I watched him for about two minutes.

Too busy to write!

It’s been 5 weeks since i wrote anything – we had two weeks in Kefalonia, then after one hectice week back in London, I went to the USA for 11 days with work.
So after 2 weeks of intensive Leo time, i had a break of 11 days from him – it was horrible and I missed him terribly. He had such a ‘daddy phase’ in Greece as well, which continued back in the UK.
He’s at such a rapid phase of development that he’s changing every day, so i missed lots of little things. It was lovely to see him ‘different’ when i got back, though. He looked a bit different, but the bigger change was in his behaviour – more alert, saying more words (or bits of: po, ca(r), wo(of)). And, most happily, his daddy phase bridged the atlantic – he has been very engaged with me straight away.