Too busy to write!

It’s been 5 weeks since i wrote anything – we had two weeks in Kefalonia, then after one hectice week back in London, I went to the USA for 11 days with work.
So after 2 weeks of intensive Leo time, i had a break of 11 days from him – it was horrible and I missed him terribly. He had such a ‘daddy phase’ in Greece as well, which continued back in the UK.
He’s at such a rapid phase of development that he’s changing every day, so i missed lots of little things. It was lovely to see him ‘different’ when i got back, though. He looked a bit different, but the bigger change was in his behaviour – more alert, saying more words (or bits of: po, ca(r), wo(of)). And, most happily, his daddy phase bridged the atlantic – he has been very engaged with me straight away.


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