A whole day with him

I took a day off work to spend it with Leo; Claire left for Manchester about 7.30 this morning. Hard work but great fun. Well, not that hard and not really ‘fun’ – deeper than that. Fuzzy.
We went to Kew, where he took some time to get into Climbers and Creepers, but then really enjoyed it. At an early lunch, he had an entire adult portion of mushroom soup, then went to sleep. I sat looking over the Thames while he dozed; very relaxing.
I walked to Brentford while he slept, then got the bus to Ealing. I had coffee, he had a read of new library books then we came home via the swings. He eat and played – spinning round the floor on a cushion, and sticking Teletubbies stickers around the kitchen.
I think i was surprised by the combination of lassitude and pace. Everything progresses with ease and without natural punctuations, with periods (food, nappychanges) of frenetic sometimes fraught activity.
I’m sad it took me so long to do this – Claire doesn’t want to let him and i go for an entire day.
We’ll see if it is as much fun doing the morning nursery run completely alone!


He stood up!

This morning he stood up from sitting. Then this evening, as he was crawling towards the kitchen, i asked him if he could stand up and walk to the kitchen. He did, and i stood amazed. It was as if it hadn’t occured to him to do walk, but once suggested, clearly it was the way.
I’m aware this blog is turning into a mere list of milestones, but that’s the focus i have at the moment.


Leo went to touch Claire’s coffee, she said it was hot. He tapped it, made the ‘hot’ sign and then went to the radiator and did the same thing.
His conceptual links as/*toun*-d me—.
well, i’d say they astound me, but Leo’s intervention in my text makes it far clearer.


Claire and i have both been very busy/tired/ill/stressed this week, incompetent every evening for anything but couching.
But this week has been amazing – he’s really walking now. Standing still with hardly a wobble, and walking without much thinking about it.
His zombie arms and shoulders have dropped, so he’s balancing with his hips not his shoulders.
The noticeable thing is that he no longer has a little think before setting off – he just launches himself forward.
Now, what was it like when we worried he wouldn’t crawl?