From the line ‘Wow! It’s so beautiful’ in Maisie’s Rainbow Dream he now says Wow! to many things – especially buses and Christmas lights.


Grandma’s house at Christmas (cheekily backdated)

Leo had a whale of a time at Humby this year. I was pleased he rejected the weird fibre optic light tree in favour of the spruce.
Highlights included
Watching bagpuss (a DVD present immediately entered vocabulary as ‘Ba[gp]u[ss]’)
Running round the house
Climbing the stairs (including getting to the top while no-one was watching – scary but only happened once)
But the most amazing thing was helping build a snowman. He was puzzled to start with, watching Emma rolling a huge body. But he got into it, patting snow onto the snowman, and he enjoyed being in my arms when i added in the carrot nose.
He’s become quite protective of me, too – during a mini snowball fight he looked nervous and then cried when i fell over.
Leo and Grandma made a morning ritual of opening the curtains – at which point he was very excited to see the snowman again out of the window. I didn’t see this, obviously, as i was laying in bed upstairs – many thanks again to Lynda for the three lie-ins.
He knows who everyone is now, and is quite happy to be looked after by anyone – he’s growing up to be a very sociable little boy.

Christmas Day

Leo had an amazing day today. He’s at that sweet age where each present is played with after opening – not discarded in favour of opening another.
Once he’d opened the farmyard animals from Gran and Grandad, he wasn’t so interested in unwrapping anything else. Nursery gave him a little book as well – he kept going back for that. He’s got a great pushalong parrot, but he can’t quite manage to do it yet, and he gets cross with it. The capricious little feller wan’t too bothered about anything mummy and daddy had bought, of course.
We had lots of lovely photos and some great video as well – he’s hardly had a nap, so by the end of the day he was more wired than i’ve ever seen him. In bed by 7.00, so we got to watch Dr Who!
He’s off to Humby tomorrow, for cuddles, kisses and even more unwrapping!

Asserting himself

The last few weeks he has started to develop a temper. It’s quite ferocious, but fleeting.
Example… He’ll tip some milk onto the table from his cup. After a ‘no’, he’ll do it again. When we then take the cup from him, he clenches his fist and stare at the table, pouting.
He’s also developing impatience. Once he knows we’re going out, he’ll pick up his coat, or stand by the door, and either bang or cry while we do the necessary preparation like, say, getting buggy up or coats on.
I love it that he’s starting to shape his own world with his own desires, but it is hard – things become more of an effort. It’s especially hard not to giggle, because his sulky pout looks dead cute.

Feeling a bit Christmassy

Jenny has just left, so now it is just Leo, Claire and I in the house for the Christmas festivities.
I feel a little bit in the mood now – there are presents round the tree (a worrying large number of them; some of Leo’s old toys may be shortly off to Toy Heaven) and a fridge full of yummy cheese.
I am still wishing that my present could be a 24 hour period under a duvet, getting up only to eat and pee. I could not have imagined how much that would outweigh the desire for, say, a trek up Machu Pichu.